Auld birds you would shag


Photoshop sadly


no photo shop here though


I’ll print that off and leave it under the wifes pillow Fagan


The trampy one from Birds of a feather??


Bang on,Dorian


You dirty dog.


Id consider donating my right bollox for a lash of that


I’m on a dry spell,5 years


Less of the trampy,lady from her toes down


That’s not a dry spell. You’re a born again virgin.


Yeah just concentrating on bringing up my kid,no booze ,gave up that and women same time, better off I’d say,too much hassle


You sound like you know what you’re doing. I’d say it’s important not to sacrifice too much of yourself though - when the kid’s 18 he/she will head on.
At least that’s the warning I was given.


He’s kept me on the straight n narrow,16 soon,and I’m too old for all that other stuff,and a bit too selfish aswell,he goes to mammy 2 nights,and I enjoy getting the TV back then


You’ve done well. Not easy


Some sage advice here lads…


So far so good,won’t go back bevying though,smallie has me still playing football with him,he thinks I’m 30 I’d say, turning 60 in a few months, walking, hiking,TV, church,how bad


5 years? Not easy. How do you relieve the Pressure valve?


Big right :raised_hand:


Sex is grand. But it’s hard to bate the real thing


That’s no use tbh, you’d feel half stupid once the juice jumps from the nozzle.

When I’d a dry spell going I’d go mad exercising or alternatively chasing online dating sites.