Auld birds you would shag


Exercise, church,busy bringing him to sports,Tae Kwon do,gas,soccer,plus we are CCFC fans,cork supporters,so we’re out 5/6 nights a week


Ah yeah I suppose you’d be so busy with the childer you’d wouldn’t miss it so much.
My dry spells were always as a single man.

If a bird online knew you were 5 years filling up she’d be as wet as an otters pocket for you. Just saying.


Nah you’d be surprised,I meditate also ( taize)fair bit of walking,library,3/5 pubs a week for coffees,tea,chat,plus away matches, training,etc,put in 400 km a week driving at least to school/ sports


All in the mind,means nothing without love,in a meaningful way,sex overrated


Some of the best sex I’ve had was with birds met through online dating. Grand girls too which surprised me. The social scene is fucked so totally normal people find it hard to meet compatible partners.

I used to tell the girls I was a long time single, too picky etc and it used to drive them mad to try and allure me I thought. Maybe they were just hornier than me when I think back now.

You should give it a go. I had no poor experiences anyway, if she or I didn’t want to meet up again it was just a friendly good luck and thanks job.


Wouldn’t have the balls ref online dating etc,too embarrassed putting a profile up there,my ex is on them all


Agreed to a point, it’s an act of affection if it’s with your partner.

Sex is certainly not overrated in the consensual sense, no fucking way is it.


It’s the way of the world now, kid. No different to doing the shopping online. Shur doesn’t it still get delivered to the door and you must answer the delivery mans knock.


My daughter’s are at me for yonks,and think one of them reckons I’ve an old stray hidden away but nah


Nicely put boy


@carryharry is playing a blinder, witty, eloquent, wise, loquacious - with a lightness of touch which I haven’t seen from him before.
I may have to revise my opinion.


Get fucked you cunt.


Great chatting lads, night, great forum,not for the p.c. brigade,tnx be to God, refreshing,compared to boards


“You won’t find love in a…
Won’t find love in a hole
It takes more than fucking someone to keep yourself warm.”

I’m still not over Scott Hutchison’s passing. I burst out crying on the DART listening to Floating on the Forth last week (cc @Tassotti).


He’s a tremendous loss.



I’d ate that, so I would…


I’d want it well cleaned first, but


Yours or her ?


She’s fairly pathetic at this stage.