Awesome mate, about to do a pale ale home brew, should be aged perfectly by then


No longer there mate.


Trying to source a few bottles of Coopers to help celebrate this great day and cry myself to sleeping thinking about the great life I once lived.


is chucks still there? you two are hard to distingush


@Chucks_Nwoko will be a lifer soon once he gets missus chucks knocked up


Is this craic hard? How long did it take you before it didn’t taste like complete piss? Going to get in on it.


Coopers sourced and in the fridge cooling


@Fitzy -i’d like the low down on this also.


Australia would be a grand place if it wasn’t for the people and the butchers apron.


I haven’t done it in about 7 years mate, I’ll update the board as I go. I believe @mac would be the man to ask about this.


An Irish man has died following a stabbing incident in Australia.

It is understood the 30-year-old man received injuries to his neck.

The Department of Foreign Affairs say they are aware of the case and are providing consular assistance.

According to New South Wales Police, an incident took place at 12.20am local time on Saturday morning.

An altercation is believed to have taken place at a house in west Sydney.

Police were called to the premises and they found a man with a stab wound to the neck. He died at the scene.

A 35-year-old man and 25-year-old woman were arrested and are assisting police with their inquiries.

The scene is being examined by forensic officers.


Wexford lad.


His 25 year old Irish fiancée has been arrested, charged and refused bail.


Sounds like one of those ‘one stab’ tragedies.


Yeah seems to be that there was a row outside the house and it was a broken bottle was what killed him.


2 lives ruined
2 families going through hell

an awful tragedy


Rough auld part of Sydney to be living in


Come in @Fitzy.


I’m ok pal, thanks for thr concern.