Some great stuff in here from PM Turnbull. I can see some Oirish down there having some problems with these rules

  • A more stringent English language test involving reading, writing, listening and speaking


They will be fucked.


I’d say half of Australia will be fucked too.


It’ll definitely fuck up a lot of the transient native Irish anyway.


Wonderful news @Fitzy. Our beautiful country no longer sullied by the dregs of Irish society.


It’s great alright mate.
Now if we could only do something about the Australian already here…


Trudeau better build a wall


Isnt your son an Australian?


There is a great aul gag here on the mainland concerning the via requirements for auz


Poor croc, minding its own business and some dumb fuck swims into it.


Australian journalist Mark Colvin has died. I know most of you couldn’t give two flying fucks about this, but I’ve been listening to this man for years and he was one of the best radio journalists I’ve come across. He found out well into his life that his father had been a senior MI6 operative. He died after a long battle with an auto immune disease and eventual kidney transplant he picked up while on assignment in Rwanda.
A very entertaining interview he had with his own son:


This lad went for a paddle ffs sake.


I got bitten by a sea louse in dingle last year.


I don’t doubt it @flattythehurdler. But you didn’t get mangled by a shoal of rabid ozzy sea lice like this fella.


I saw a wood louse yesterday


We’re here for you fella. Let it all out.


Mad bitch.


Morag always was a mad cunt. Alf will be livid with the flaming galah.


Stone the flaming infidels Morag


Australian politics is a complete cesspool, but this was truly a low point. It was beyond disgusting. Thankfully, the AG, George Brandis, cut her to shreds in response and earned a standing ovation from the cross benches (none of his LibNat coalition senators stood to applause him however, as they are so shit scared of One Nation and upsetting the racists who vote for them).
George Brandis, of all people, a horrible, right wing, pompous as all fuck, nutjob. Called out the racist xenophobe and put her back in her slimy little box. Fair play to him, though I don’t think I will ever say something like that about him again.

We have a frankly farcical situation here at the moment regarding dual citizenship for politicians. Under Article 44 of the Aussie Constitution, you can’t sit in parliament (both houses) if you’re a dual citizen. So two of the Greens Senators realised they were and resigned. The honourable thing to do. Though, ffs, check before you nominate.
Naturally, the LibNat coalition in government went off their head about it and George Brandis for example said he would look into the Greens having to pay back their salaries etc ( I did say he’s a horrible, right wing nutjob).
Since then of course, it’s emerged that three cabinet ministers from the coalition, including our dear Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce complete fuckwit, are dual citizens. Matt Canavan’s excuse is the best, that his mother applied for Italian citizenship for him without him knowing. None of them have resigned and it’s gone to the high court. The hypocricy is of the scale. What a fucking shambles.