No harm getting rid of Joyce though


probably better here than the AFL thread.

threw a fair aul kick at yer mans head. This was probably the leagues in which @caoimhaoin played in when over there?


That’s a grub…a bloody dog.


“flog” seems to be the new word of choice over there at the moment for thee types of guys.


Cowardly cunt — Even his own team mates reacted to it they were so shocked – one half points at him like you would an opposing player and you can see the tubby chap behind muttering some like 'fucking hell ’ or ‘Flaming Galah’


he was lucky none of the opposition saw what happened, they all seem to have their back to him and it was only his team mates who saw it.


No i played Rugby League when in that neck of the woods.
Aussie Rules in Cairns, Country WA & Perth


I wouldn’t have met many Irish lads that have chanced their arm at the league. Even less so in QLD. But that’s why we love you Kev.


I played a bit in Cork. It was the 2nd & 3rd team. And it was stand off i played, so not too different from Union in that sense. And if there is one thing i can do is kick a ball, any kind of ball. It covers alot of my other limitations.

A lack of technique in both taking and delivering a tackle is a quick, and sore, learning experience. I was just getting respectable at it when i left.


didn’t you play junior GGA football in Cork mate? how come you were never respectable at bogball?


A mix of athletic limitations and the club i was from and being a forward. At one stage we had 5 county forwards.
I played Senior in Boston and Wicklow then. Nothing to write home about, but in both cases better teams than own club. So who knows?

I love sport and playing. Once i knew i wasn’t going to be special the level stopped mattering and i got consummed with coaching.

Anything else you would like to know.


Fucking right, I’m amazed he’s still alive.
One of our local soccer clubs first grade players had his leg broken 3 minutes from time (while we were 3-1 up) on Sunday, completely intentional, shocking tackle. The opposing fucker was sent off straight away and advised by his coach to keep walking, get in his car and drive as quickly as possible, as far away as possible, which he did as he was about to be kicked to death for it, the cunt.

Some lad playing Oztag (Oztag!) decked a referee last night in Sydney. Knocked the poor fucker out. Arrested and charged with GBH. In Oztag. People are mental.


Did you see any difference in the cultures and types of people around the respective sports Kev?


Made up




Actually alot of similarities when the sport os the main sport in town. In Gatton in rural southern queensland RL is the main game and the club was quite similar to the Footy club in Northam WA which in turn was very like a GAA club back home with a sprinkling of what a rugby union club is like in Ireland. The lads i played with in Northam, WA were creepily like the lads in my home club. I would suggest they had a slightly better balance on where sport is in their lives.
It would have been a bit rougher in Qld. A bit more 12 oacks out the back of a trailer, wife beaters etc. A bit more Bravado as well. But under it all not much different.

In Cairns Aussie Rules is a secondary sport. But the club i was with were fantastic. Best club i was ever involved in. The cultural mix was outstanding, the way they looked after their Aboriginal players and Islanders was also significant but not condecending. I was told about times they stood into sotuations they probably shouldn’t have or were putting themselves in danger with. They were inbelievably genuinely welcoming and when you were on the teM you were really on the fucking team. Being irish and not being afraid to run and shout for ball i was a target always. Any scrap they’d be in like lightening. Loved it. Should have stayed longer.

Suburban footy in Perth was ok, nothing special. I think it was a club coming together and also was being divided ip because of the new sprawl and that affected the feel of it i’d say. They were very professional and trained hard though. They were less used to outsiders as generally Irish and English lads had their home sports in perth whereas elsewhere they were forced to assimilate more. In general though West Aussies struggled more with immigrants i think, well urban WA anyway.


Any truth in this ?


That’s a bizarre article to publish in a national newspaper. Of course there’s truth to it. There’s gobshites everywhere.


Lies, all lies. We only send our best and brightest. :grinning:


The credit unions are to blame for most of the low lifes who went to Oz.