The best and brightest have now returned home at the request of the government to fill urgent roles, the same government who couldn’t get them out there quickly enough in the first place


I see you’re selling up in Oz @The_Selfish_Giant???


@Fitzy what’s this VLAD law I see on Ross Kemp.Would it work here with the knackers?


I have no idea what you’re talking about mate


Something to do with biker gangs not being able to assemble in groups of more than 3.


Oh right. There’s various laws in each state regarding association with criminal gangs. They generally can’t wear their stupid “club” colours. Bunch of wankers. One of their clubhouses was raided the other day bu the cops. Among the weapons, cash and drugs found, was the child porn. I’m sure tyese laws could be applied to any situation but could also easily be abused by governments.


a bad case of the “runs” in bris vegas


Perhaps he was advised to do some squatting as part of his fitness programme and misunderstood?

The story is a serious poop scoop.


Fisty getting his time to shine.



Poor lad. Jaysus.
I can’t imagine it’s a pleasant way to go.


In fairness I don’t know how anyone lives in Australia


You need to balance it up against living in ingerland. It becomes very attractive.


the lifestyle


Beating women and being racist?


have you seen this forum - prominent poster @GeoffreyBoycott is named after a women beater and the hatred for that poor cash girl is disgusting racism

sadly we are worse on those scores


You’re getting confused again. Geoffrey Boycott is my real name.

What’s a prominent poster?


No Geoffrey Boycott ever hurled for Carlow — did you lie about that or are you telling porkies about your name.


You’re an authority on Carlow hurling in the late 80’s/early 90’s now?