Aussie politics

Night of the long knives at play in Canberra. The unions have withdrawn support for KRudd and looks like some woman (her name escapes me at present but she wouldnt get it) will be the new PM. Pretty surprising KRudd has just pushed through the break up of Telstra only this week with the NBN getting the go ahead. He supported more federal power though and the mining tax has been controversial. Still considering the Aussies are thriving and avoided the GFC it is pretty surprising. I thought he was a man of vision myself but the lads at work despise him.

Other notes from the Aussie economy/politics.

The state approach is madness. I know lads here with glove compartments full of parking and speeding fines from seperate states and they will never be paid. There is a rake of other areas too.

NSW Health is disgracefully run. It would disgust you the corrupt cunts that work there.

Aussies need to invest more in infrastructure - fixed broadband is a good start. Mobile broadband is shit. Owning the infrastructure will be a good start. The public transport though needs serious improving. The state governance model is bullshit frankly.

It’s gas the things that go through your head at 12 at night.


so what?

discuss it with fisty next time you are having beers - dont bore the rest of us

It’s an island for convicts. Who gives a fuck what services they have.

Jesus thats boring. Look at me, i’m in Oz, i take a huge interest in their politics, i love the aussies, i think they are great.

KIB will be home in 6 months. Hopefully before i head over.




i particularily like the way that such an informed opinion can be made from spending what, a couple of months in one city and making out the whole country is as Sydney is. the stuff narrow minded Irishness is built on!


You going to add to the debate about where Oz is going as a nation or just criticise?




Well i might get NCC, Gman or someone like that in if i want to discuss where Australia is going as a nation, as they seemed to have spent a serious amount of time there. But with you, ya we’ll just criticize…and laugh. :smiley:

Don’t know that much about it, but just doing a small bit of reading up and talking to a friend out there, its fairly positive all the way. They seem to be very determined to improve their country, are willing to take in skilled and proven hard workers but still maintain as much as is possible what is best about Oz, the actual physical landscape.

Gman or NCC or Fitzy may have more to add.

Don’t think i would have got that smiley had the lads not got there first.


criticise. its easier

:lol: :smiley: :smiley: :lol:

Is your wife still officially considered fauna over there NCC?

Jaysus, the guy gives his view based on what he’s seen and naturally all the antipodean experts (experts after spending a few boozy months here) come out of the woodwork.

Kev, we’ll have to meet up when you come over here, never mind NCC, he’s never been in Australia, he makes threads up to justify the aboriginal flag on his avatar, but can’t tell you anything about his missus’ supposed ancestry.

Smacks a bit of panic that Labor dumped Rudd, he started off so well and did an outstanding job navigating through the GFC, to the extent that Australia never suffered a recession and has 5% unemployment. And before I start hearing about how it was all down to the mining boom, well thats bollocks, they shed 19% of their workforce at the first sign of trouble. But Rudd lost the plot a bit and started playing to the polls, panicky, instead of standing his ground and being a conviction politician. The Australia people were confused as he lurched from one policy shift to another.

Gillard is good, she makes utter shit of Abbott. Hopefully she’ll win the elction and win it well, I couldn’t stand that right wing god bothering bastard Abbott as PM, Howard was bad enough.

What’s Paul Keating at these days?

If they wanted skilled hard workers they would give working holiday visas to the Poles and them but they dont. Not sure why the paddies are treated differently.

I laughed when you said I’d be home in 6 months. I remember you being critical of me going to Oz in the first place and then the irony of all ironies now that your bird is dragging you down under. I presume that is what everyone else is laughing at too.

Dont know but Ro is big news here as is McFatten. Great to see us emigrants doing well.