Aussie Rules 2017 - Gas Cunts


What’s going on here @Gman? Is casual racism still the norm in Aussie rules?


Jaysus. I’m assuming that it was an auto correct of tagger or something. Thats some mistake to make.

edit: just read the piece on the website: [quote]I love the way he goes about it when he has the footy, but I’d love to see him be a niggler this week.[/quote]

a missing “L”. almost as bad as Randy Marsh when he was on Wheel of Fortune.

But to answer your question, yes, casual racism is most certainly a norm in Aussie Rules. Coincidentally, Adelaide Crows were also on the receiving end of it too a couple of weeks back you’ll see earlier in this thread.


Unreal achievement.

@Gman - notable they see him as a midfielder


yeah he is named at half forward for the Essendon game. He seems to have had some time in around the middle and wings in his few VFL games. I saw these highlights and he doesnt look out of place. It seems Geelongs issues are a complacency and lack of effort from some players. So it looks like O Connor is in the keep a forward press on and stop the Essendon half backs getting forward. In those clips, his handling is a lot better than some of the Aussie players. I think its the highlight towards the end, where he takes a good ball and gets out at speed which is what has brought him more into view.


Ya speed out of those sotuations is huge.

Good to see he can make it based on skills and athleticism he largely already had. He is playing very light, but he has onviously shown plenty robustness. The VFL is robust to say the least.


Just seen there would be 3 Irishmen involved in that game between O Connor, Zach and Conor McKenna? Would that be right? I wonder whats the most Irishmen involved in a single AFL tie?


definitely not the most, Tuohy and O hAilpin definitely played in games against Hanley/Kennelly etc. I just wonder did they play a game against Brisbane when Begley and Hanley may have played at the same time, althought their cross over window was quite small from memory. And I am not sure, but Carlton would have had Tuohy and Byrne and Sheehan in the mix for the one team. I dont think all 3 got on the pitch together, but not sure either.


Well somesones a lil sensitive…


I expect this lad will play four matches in the AFL before suffering a catastrophic hamstring/knee/hip injury and spend 18 months on the sidelines followed by a shortlived comeback and then a recurrence of the same injury followed by a different serious injury and then return to Ireland at the age of 24 and have a brief spell in the Kerry senior squad without success followed by a few years of junior football before retiring due to his body breaking down and walk with a limp for the rest of his life.


lining his pockets while ruining lads lives and bodies playing this abomination of a sport. I suppose such levels of self delusion can be expected from the lad who thought he was a legend for dancing a jig at a trophy presentation while the ozzies laughed at him


You’d want to hear the accent he puts on when he’s doing his gig on a Thursday night with Sky News Australia’s Sports Show. It’s hilarious.


I’d love to hear…or would I


“Geelong insiders have been in awe of Zach Tuohy’s impact in 2017,” wrote Damian Barrett on the website this week under the headline “Geelong’s Irish experiment gets a A-plus”.

“Until Geelong traded with Carlton for Tuohy in October, it didn’t have leg speed in the backline. It now does.

“It didn’t have a player able to ferociously tackle opposition forwards and now does. It didn’t have a prolific and regularly penetrating kicker through that part of the ground. It now does.”

Barrett uses statistics to show Tuohy’s influence, saying that of 89 players classified as “general defenders” in the game, he’s fifth for disposals (possessions), third for metres gained and eighth for score involvements.

The writer adds that Geelong “took a risk” in signing the Portlaoise man but that “Geelong players and coaches have loved the addition of Tuohy and speak glowingly and speak glowingly on and off the record about the former star Gaelic footballer”.


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yeah he has been highly touted as one of, if not the recruit pick up of the off season. Is very much in contention for AA honours too. If Geelong finish out well, he’ll have a good year.

on other players making impacts, Conor McKenna is lighting it up with Essendon. He made his debut 2 years ago and with the last year all the Essendon players were banned, he was only barely played sporadically. I didnt think he would last, if he couldnt break into the team and settle in when it was a rebuilding side, then it would be harder when they all came back. But he has moved back to half back (cc @caoimhaoin) and has been excellent. The pinnacle of it came this weekend when had his best game yet for Essendon and made the AFL team of the week for the round.

video here of an interview with him after the game. The 2 lads havent a fucking clue what he is saying


Where was McKenna all along?


Up front, goal sneak type role/half forward. I didn’t realise he was sent down back which seems to be the reason for his breakout season.


Was kackin fatball from 3 year owl ar 4 year owl :joy::joy::joy:

Great interview - he put them in their place over the Northern Ireland comment ‘I don’t see it as Northern Ireland just Ireland mate’


Is Collingwood Port Adelaide worth watching? @Chucks_Nwoko @Fitzy @Loko_Cove