Autumn Dues

Second week of October now so autumn dues (€12.50 again) are certainly due and almost overdue.

Thanks to those members who have paid up already. The following members have earned an exemption for various reasons that were discussed privately:

Fran (congratulations again mate)
Monkey Allen

I’ve received the subs from most of the main users on here with only a few exceptions. Don’t mean to name and shame but…

SS**: you’re always last to pay. If you can find time this week that would be great.
Horsebox: ? not sure
Gola: not on as frequently last couple of months. Call it €5.
Carryharry: ? not sure
Cluaindiuic: never got the summer dues either. Are you sure you’re using the right paypal account?

Bit strapped at the moment mate as I spent €100k on my daughter’s wedding cake. Can we agree a payment plan on pm?

SS** is some joker- what’s that, 4 on the trot where he has to be hounded?

Maddening. Mickee gets it from Israel to Fingal in 24 hours but SS** hums and haws and drags his feet and treats it like it’s the tv license.

Has his holiness dalai lama paid up?

Sorry Rocko, Bandage was pm’ing me to say I could offset some of the dues against merchandising and I was going to buy some stuff off you instead? Ended up putting it all on the long finger. Will sort it tomorrow.

I assume I’m still getting 50% for my work cleaning house on here. I’ll take 25% since I’ll admit I’ve been slacking the past year.

I’d say Shannonsider was seriously considering fucking off after I called him out over the Vat fraud thing, the cunt.

I think you should encourage more of these cunts to use the standing order. I hardly feel the money going out to be honest, Rocko.

Do you still pay Rocko using those €4 notes, Fagan?

No as per my previous post I use the standing order, you fucker.

I doubt my standing order is still coming though mate? unfortunatly there has been a recent judgement against me and my accounts have been frozen.

From the Ansbacher account no doubt.

Rocko gets the cash from me, which is more than he can say for you.

As the 14th incarnation of the Boddhisatvva Avalokitesvara, I’m more concerned with spiritual, not monetary, transactions.
Besides, I get to pull the old Church exemption card.

Rocko, I clicked on my profile just there and clicked on the Purchase Paid Subscription as normal as I wanted to put this thing to bed but I’m getting an error message. Can this be sorted out, I’m not sure if it’s just me or is a problem for everyone. I’m browsing using firefox.

Sorry bro.

I’ve been faffing around changing bank accounts and wiped my laptop a few weeks back. I think I have the details messed up. Can you PM me the right details?

Also, did you look into my IE10 issue?

Finally, did you know that if you are at a zoom less than 100% chat windows will not maximise.

Don’t want to sound like an ingrate but these issues need to be sorted with a bit more urgency to justify the dues that we are paying. Just sayin’…

Why doesn’t the site have an SLA for these types of issues? Fixing these issues within 48 hours is the level of service this site should give and the level due paying members deserve.

Typical cheap Kilkenny cunt.

I’m just trying to make the place better for everyone.
And all you can do is add negativity.

Not cool Dowdy, not cool.

ffs sake starts off with an excuse and follows it up with a load of issues.

[quote=“cluaindiuic, post: 716852”]

I’m just trying to make the place better for everyone.
And all you can do is add negativity.

Not cool Dowdy, not cool.
[/quote]You’re just trying to find ways of deferring paying. You know it, I know it and everyone else knows it.