Avi cohen

very sad news,
tamir cohen who plays for bolton is trying to get to TA to be with his father.
hope he pulls thru this

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Hun bastard.


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I might have had sympathy for him yesterday but I read the first 40 pages of Robert Fisk’s The Great War for Civilization last night so… :guns:

i expected better from you mate than to be influenced by that tabloid trash, i hope you threw it in the bin after the 40 pages.
anyway, let’s not be mixing sport with idle pub gossip from a gutter journalist like fisk.
Fair play to Liverpool tonight for a very nice tribute, fuck it they could do with a player like Cohen now compared to the dross they have in their rsnks

See you whenever hun.

Won’t argue with the last part though Mick


where most clubs would have had a minute silence, LFC had a 90 minute one


:smiley: brilliant. As for the other fella, meh.