Aviation Disasters


I don’t remember fully but I’m sure it was the personal stuff that he had a problem with, ‘we’re gone’ etc.


Ya, but you release it all, or none of it. Redact anything and imaginations will run riot.
It seems to me that it was in part at least pilot error, but no one wants to speak ill of the dead.


Niamh Fitzpatrick is an outstanding person.


Was she part of Wexford back room team in 96?


She was. She’s a sports psychologist but talks more common sense than mumbo jumbo.


PrimeTime looking into issues around the Rescue116 crash now


Moscow plane crash 60_70 in it.


There wasn’t one jet crash last year.


66 went down n Iran.



Woman passenger at the window that was broken has died.

First reaction of at least one passenger was to live stream the incident. That’s the way it’s gone these days.


That’s why I gave up using the internet


Go easy mate, he thought he was documenting his last moments. Thats important at a time like that.


"What a flight! " he says. and a woman died a few rows from the cunt. The cunt be selling hes story for the next few weeks.


His, you iliterate cunt.






You just love to pick up a tap in like that, enjoy it mate. Poor Mike, I wonder has he still time to retract that like.


It was his diplomatic tone that got the like. Have to admit I didn’t notice the misspelling.