Aviation Disasters


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A man, aged in his 40s, was killed this evening when his light aircraft crashed in Co. Mayo.

He was the pilot of a single seater plane which came down in a field about three miles from Ballina.

Locals reported hearing sounds which indicated the aircraft was in distress before it hit ground some time after 6 p.m.

Units of Mayo Fire Service were amongst the rescue service teams which responded to the emergency.

Gardaí are at scene and the Air Navigation Investigators are en route.

Gardai say the body remains at scene and will be removed to Mayo General, Castlebar where a post mortem will take place in due course.

The scene off the crash, just off the Ballina to Bonniconlon road, has been sealed off.


Plane down in Indonesia with 188 on board.




Cardiff only signed the lad a few days ago. Must have been on his way over or something.


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Their local BBC news was very twee. There was always some Philip Bromwell type report about the German occupation during WW2. It was always about their heroic fight against the Germans, always failing to mention the Germans only sent 5 lads to take it over.


Three of whom were admin support


Sometimes when a commentator puts his head above the parapet he faces ridicule and potential reputation damage by virtue of his desire to call it as he sees it. That said, and in advance of a coroners report or of a conclusive deep water radar report, I am prepared to go where other commentators have been afraid to. I am applying my official status of ‘looking ominious’ to the Emiliano sala missing person investigation.
I fear for his safety based on the evidence I have reviewed and I would chasten this forum to brace ourselves for bad news over the coming weeks.
As a respected member of the aviation community I try to remain above the ‘blame game’ rhetoric of who does what when. However it would appear to me that the moment the twin engine craft hit the water this became a matter for the rnli and that is in my opinion where Cardiff fans ought to direct their ire.


It is a tribute to you @Funtime that at what must be a very difficult time, you rise above whatever personal torment you must be going through to think of and indeed warn and help others.


I have the height of respect for Rachel griffin . Her promotion to the office of coroner was something I fully supported and I respected her previous work in the courthouses of Bolton.
Therefore I hope you will understand that I mean no disprespect to her or the office of the Dorset Coroner by my desire to come out of the traps early on this one and call it as I see it in relation to the Emiliano sala missing person Enquiries. I know ms griffins office have yet to formally identify the body recovered from the wreck but it is my hunch that they will find that it is indeed the aforementioned Argentinian . Brace yourselves


Oooffft. Rachel Griffin is one of my favourite coroners!


She’d make you stiff alright.