Aviation Disasters


Fella I went to school with I’m after hearing. RIP.


A second 737 Max going nose down into the ground in a few months. I’d be cautious enough about getting up on one of those at the moment. China, unsurprisingly, have grounded all 737 Max aircraft, followed by a couple of smaller carriers.


Yeah, missed a flight out of Amsterdam before.



He sounded like a good guy


you’d want you head examined to get on one of them


Ryanair just bought a rake of them


Aviation expert Ewan MacKenna is all over this.


Worst one out there.



Jesus christ … you’d never get on a plane again after listening to those … the Japs had everything thrown at them … mountains n’all …


The lads on the Jap flight could have done no more to save it, absolute professionals until the end. 520 killed and only 4 survivors. That ground proximity alarm would send a shiver up the spine.


There was survivors? jaysus … The terror of being on a plane slowly heading for disaster must be something else.


I just want to let all of you on TFK know that I love you … just in case I am in a plane crash any time in the future… I love you, but not in a gay way.


you steamer


That’s the thing as rare as plane crashes are now should you be unlucky enough to die in one the final moments of your life is just terror.


The greatest modern day fuck up, well worth a watch.


There was a brilliant article on that posted on here before I think, might have been in the Good Journalism thread.


It was frightening


Which crash??


Air France 447 predominantly.

Here’s the article: