Aviation Disasters


We will have a specialist amongst us here soon enough when @Bawny finishes his aircraft engineering course.


I’m fucking destroyed after those videos.


Full day of air crash investigation on discovery yesterday


jesus christ, I watched this and have spent a few minutes looking at other ones on youtube, its has frightened the shit out of me


They are equally both fascinating and terrifying.


Norwegian have a fair few of these Boeing shitboxes too, fuck sake I am going to America in a few weeks flying with them for the first time


Those DC 10s were an absolute death trap, how they were allowed stay in service so long is beyond me!


Ah Jaysus.


Listen to all these praying to god


You’d want your head examined to do that





Id be like a cunt there tis bad enough facing imminent death but having that chanting all around you!


Sick fuckers posting this shit on YT and here.


It’s educational you ignorant wretch.



That Lionair crash they think was the software trying to get plane to go nose down because of faulty sensor - anti stall system in those planes is new.

Anyway, I think the board needs some Sully


I’m posting from the wardrobe here … I’m in an awful way.




Was that the one where they had installed a camera in the cockpit so passengers could experience take off and landing from the pilots viewpoint?