Aviation Disasters


I’d still rather be in a car crash than an air crash.


You’d have some hope, those poor fuckers in Mexico, I had a nightmare last night about it “oh jesus christ” :hot_face:


I fell asleep on a plane once and had a dream that the plane was crashing, I woke on impact and slammed my feet on the ground. I got the stare i imagine Muslims must get on a western flight. I’m a nervous passenger since.


A fatality is a fatality, no matter how it happens.


Better chance of surviving a car crash.


i don’t want to die


We don’t want you to die either mate


Both Canada and now the US have grounded the 737 Max, that’s almost all of the fleet of 371 on the ground.


Thank fuck for that. I’ve been a wreck for days.



Autopilot is a hell of a thing lads.


If they can’t get it right with trained professionals operating it and nothing near them how will they manage to do it for cars at all


Some of the aviation set might confirm, but I believe once the autopilot clicks in on these things, thats that. Which you’d feel is a bit of a design flaw.


of course they can override it? those lads on the Air France flight were savage bad pilots, they hadn’t a clue what to do


Amateur hour. He was looking for a bit of momentum and had the choice to go uphill or downhill and chose uphill. The co-pilot couldn’t believe it when he realised the fucker had the nose turned up.


All we can hope for in life is a quick death, dropping from the sky in a plastic cylinder surrounded by screaming hysterical people knowing certain death is upon is not a good way to go!


I read that article posted up on the air france disaster … it seems to be a cultural thing. Paddy came out of it well and Irish pilots discard data from the instruments whenever a glitch/incident happens and revert to their training/ manual skills … some countries rely on what the instruments are telling them right up to the end.


I’m flying next month … I’m going up to the doctor today to get a load of xanex. I’ll snort two before take off … i’ll die relaxed.


The majority of pilots worldwide for the best part of the last century all came from a military background a load of fighter pilots who are basically the best in the world(yes Top gun!) when it comes to worst case scenario.This is no longer the case as companies want to train young lads in from scratch with planes that do all the work for them, all the training in a simulator is worth fuck all when the shit hits the fan for real at 30 odd thousand feet, sitting there looking at instruments and now having to rely on their own skills rather than autopilot.


Ive been in several car crashes including one bad write off and don’t fear getting back in a car, had one bad fright on a plane and ive been anxious on them ever since.