Aviation Disasters


Yet the number of deaths from plane crashes falls more or less every year


Unfortunate choice of words.


Pun intended? Unless you have ever met and spoke to someone who was in a crash themselves you wont realise the horror of them. Guy from college was in that crash think it was a Turkish plane that came off the runway on take off, they had to kick their way out through the side of the fuselage with people being engulfed by flames screaming all over the place. He had to get skin graphs for burns all up his arm and had to fly home after it. Got a big claim but had nightmares for years still after it.


You’d want an ex air force man flying the plane, a bit of proper flying here, young lads today wouldn’t be able to do it


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Not all heroes wear capes.

There’s a reason alcohol is consumed at all hours in airports.


I tool a fistful of those on a long haul flight once and they were no good. Didn’t sleep a wink.


I saw a movie years ago where this happened and the co pilot was sent down to the cargo bay to manually wind down the wheels. That was probably to straight forward for these two swan eating drama queens.


A girl from Tipp was killed in that wasnt she ? A doctor? She was a neighbour of a good friend of mine, who a few years later died in a separate plane crash.


The odds on that must be astronomical… but yeah, think there was 3 Irish doctors on the Air France crash…



I was sent a WhatsApp today of the actual Ethiopian crash. I honestly didn’t know what it was, thinking it was a joke until I watched it. Bleh.


how would you know


when you say a whatsapp, video or audio?


Well I watched it.


From Roscrea yeah.


@Copper_pipe Get on this later on after Cheltenham.


The missus bought me a present last year of an hour in a 737 simulator in a place in Swords last year. A piece of piss apart from take off and keeping the pitch angle correct the rest was using settings for navigation speed etc even down to landing once you locked onto the ILS you glided down.

That AF recording was chilling once the computer fooked up from the frozen pitot tubes they hadn’t a scooby do what to do.


If both pilots ate fish and developed food poisoning could you land one.


What type of fish?