Aviation Disasters


It was the pilots that crashed that one, ok there was a bad reading from an iced sensor but it turned out that both pilots were working against each other, when the cardinal rule states that only one pilot should be in charge of flying the aircraft


Aviate navigate communicate none of AF lads followed the golden rule in a crisis


the top lad was asleep whilst it was going on


These 737 Max accidents appear to overwhelm the pilots also. Loads of reports leaking out now about 737 Max planes going nose down mostly shortly after take off. Boeing designed a new system called MCAS to compensate for the Max bigger more fuel efficient engines which during normal flight pitched the nose up, this system was designed to automatically pitch the nose back to level flight. All the reports of these planes going nose down recently were solved by manually turning off MCAS. Boeing actually was about to release a software fox for this issue but was pushed back to April 19. The Boeing lawyers are currently leafing through new yacht and new holiday home brochures


If windows 10 has thought us anything it’s that updates are a pain in the hole. They were right to push it back.


He must be some fox if he can sort out avionics issues.