Aviation Thread


Taking the helicopter for a pint is one way of beating the drink driving


now that Kaiser Noonan has restored our economy will it be like Vietnam in the early 70s in the Galway skies the week after next


The Shannon Estuary reaffirming it’s place as the home of Irish aviation, with not one, but two airshows on this month.
There’s a big event in Rineanna tomorrow, with a crowd of 40,000 due to attend.

I’ll probably go for a look across the estuary at it.


What is it with air shows? They have to be the most dangerous public event you can attend (other than a Junior B game in Wicklow), every one seems to have a major disaster attached. 11 people dead so far at this one in England. Mental stuff.


It was the first time a non participant has died at a UK airshow since 1952



Those involved weren’t attending though.


Fitzy has taken some battering here.


Fucking hell, Larry, Moe and Curly have stitched me up good and proper here. For fucks sake.


These shows are lethal . In the last 9 days there has been accidents causing deaths in 3 different airshows.



Is there a worse terminal in Europe than Paris CDG terminal 1?


No. Horrible. Don’t like Vienna either.


CDG is unreal. Dark, gloomy, counterintuitive. No fucking signs and the worst shambolic security I’ve come across.

I’ve only ever been to Vienna by train.


Were you in the circular terminal in CDG? An awful cunt of a place.


Is that the one with the odd elevators?


Yeah. It’s like a science fiction film in there.


That’s the one. Fuck me, but I’m going to Beauvais the next time I go to Paris.


London to Boston today, some pissed up bird tried opening the exit door and they’d to restrain her. :smile:


a pilot blinded last night just after taking off from Heathrow by a laser, the tramps who are responsible for this, should be taken out and horsewhipped