Aviation Thread


About to take off here from Stansted. This is the precious cargo the chap next to me has pushed under the seat. A giant carrier bag of Dunkin Donuts. Let’s just say if we are in an Alive scenario over the Welsh mountains I won’t have to resort to eating my fellow passengers for a while.


One on each finger might make for an emergency flotation device if you end up in the Irish Sea.


I empathise mate, is this guy a well known GGA journalist?


No a gentleman of Eastern extraction




Egyptair plane from Paris to Cairo gone missing overnight


Airbus 320 with 66 on board. Rescue efforts underway. Flight was just inside Egyptian airspace.


is it terrorism? those Egyptians are almost as incompetent as the Irish


Too early for speculation mate, let’s wait and see.


The plane had issued a distress signal.


had to be a bomb


You’d want to be mental to fly with Egypt Air


@Funtime, have you heard anything from your aviation industry sources?


you’d want your head examined


This could be just the sort of investigation that could unite the forum again.


I’m going to go for accident, not terrorism. Why wait till you’re nearly home for terrorism, and why target a plane full of Egyptians.
Also the plane was flying from Paris so security would have been tough.


“Numerous unconfirmed reports from at least four different sources that an explosion was witnessed in the sky over the sea”. Very convenient.


I suppose it could have been shot down like that one in Ukraine?

I’m sticking with accident/mechanical failure


This lady is usually in the know on all things IS for what its worth



60 air side passes in CDG were revoked last year from staff that were deemed a security risk