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anyone flying a muslim airline is crazy
anyone flying to a muslim country is crazy

ill only fly IAG airlines now


France is at war with French based terrorists, France is not safe. You’d want your head examined to fly in or out of the place


That’s great pragmatic thinking, pal


obviously extremely early days but i am becoming increasingly worried for the survival prospects of those onboard at this time. i am reluctant to venture into idle speculation but initial soundings i have taken from the industry indicate that the prospects of the plane making it to its intended destination appear to be decreasing by the hour.


The Egyptians and experts are now coming out saying this was “more than likely terrorism”. You’re very innocent @Julio_Geordio. I knew something awry had gone on here.


anyone who thinks this was not terrorism wants their had examined


Do you think something untoward may have occurred?


Among the passengers were 30 Egyptians, 15 French, two Iraqis, and one each from the UK, Belgium, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Chad, Portugal, Algeria and Canada.


It was more likely French citizens than Iraqi citizens. Most recent terrorist attacks in Europe have been carried out by French citizens.


a good few terrorist hotspots there, te plane was in a number of cities aswell yesterday


There was a Brit on it too, those cunts are being turned by the day.


wreckage has been found, it was blown out of the fucking sky by terrorists


Only a fool would speculate at this time. However I appreciate the need for my analysis at this time. My experience tells me that The best action for those with concerns for those onboard is to brace themselves for potentially bad news.

Separately I have previously expressed concerns about the airside operations and the transition from public to airside in CDG airport. @The_Selfish_Giant spent most of his early twenties pushing the small girlie trollies in the airside part of a major European hub, he can flesh out these concerns.


confirmed as terrorism, Christ, anyone travelling in or out of France would want their head examined, there will be carnage at the European championships


I stand over my assessment. I will be proved right after the investigation.


The Egyptians seem to be the one pushing the terrorist line.
There are two reasons this suits their agenda.

  1. Gives ammo to the military Government to continue their hardline stance at home
  2. Deflects from the possibility that the airline, which is state owned, was at fault. Important for perception purposes but also compensation for victims families, insurance etc.


You’d want your head examined going over there. There are some high profile posters on here who are going and they might never come back.


yet again I find myself in complete agreement with you.


even if nothing happened the threat of death hanging over you every second would take the joy out of it.

I guess I have too much to live for to go



While I never took sides in the recent blood letting I constantly seem to have the same opinion of this guy.