Aviation Thread


i know my family would never forgive me if i got blown to absolute shit at a football game i didnt need to attend that was taking palce in a warzone. any family men going to this thing would want their heads examined and they must be very very selfish men indeed.


I’ll box the vest off any terrorist who tries anything funny


very hard to disagree with any of that


Looks like julio was right


Twas sticking out a mile in fairness. The other two goms have been badly mugged off by the Egyptians.



Charles de Gaulle is a serious no go area right now.


you’d want you head examined to get a flight or connecting flight from that airport


+1. It’s why I’m flying in and out of Brussels on my trip to the Euros.


any of the forum’s aviation experts want to hazard a guess what happened the American Airlines flight at Chicago O’Hare that caught fire following a tyre blow out and engine malfunction.




Has anyone ever flown in or out of Oslo airport? Is there much in it? Would a ten hour stop over be doable or pure torture in it?


That would be a long day. It’s about 50 km into town if you wanted to go for a stroll in the sub zero temperatures


Avoid like the plague if it’s Oslo Rygge. Was delayed there for 4 hours once and nearly lost my mind. Can’t speak for the main airport.


Just had an early morning flight there with a lady pilot. No problems.


It wouldn’t be a bundle of laughs. There isn’t an airport in the world I’d want to spend ten hours in.
The scones in the business lounge at Cark are about the only nice things I’ve ever found at an airport.


Does anyone know anything about Providence/Boston airport that Norwegian Airlines are flying to from Dublin?

Is the airport actually in Rhode Island and they are doing a Ryanair style job with the Boston description?

Have in-laws in Rhode Island so it would be tremendous to get a direct flight out there.



no idea mate


Why don’t you google it?


Crazy idea

Why doesn’t he ask Mac?