Aviation Thread


Cause he’s a hooked nose, thick tongued simpleton?


think you left out west brit and quisling there mate


Great idea pal, I’ve edited my original post.


If a Fingal man can’t answer an aviation question then its obviously not a question worth answering


Hour and a half from arrival at Airport to getting through US pre clearance


Final call there for Mr Beer End Steamer travelling to Boston.


what were they like? were they savage ignorant?


Nice but slightly sinister


They have that “friendly but one wrong move and I’ll kill you” vibe down to a tee.


That was it to a tee.


Safe travels bud. Will you have on board wifi to provide us with regular flight updates?


Enjoy Cali man.

The Up Your Alley street Fair starts on Friday in SF if you are there then. On Dore St in front of the Porterhouse. Not as mental as Folsom St (no wanking stations) but worth a look


Did you divulge that blood disorder you are carrying around Kid?


I’m guessing they strip searched him and when they spotted his underpants on back to front they decided a fella that can’t dress himself certainly wasn’t a threat to the USA and let him on through.


Safe travels mate, you’ll be glad of the pre clearance when you get to the US.


Enjoy Fagan.


Or else made him President


In fairness to Aer Lingus that was a lovely flight. Nothing was too much trouble. A really comfortable flight.


Jet lag today?


Just picking up @Fagan_ODowd now, cunt only here one night and couldn’t stay out of trouble.