Aviation Thread


Swiss Air paging Gas Chapp here. Seriously.


Aer Lingus flight delayed 2 hours here.


Unusual, generally leaves at 6. Hopefully weather isn’t too bad in Europe. Safe travels.


How bad are the security queues in Dublin airport these days?


Got through security in 5 minutes at 7 this morning. T2. Very pleasant.


Where you off to Fagan?




Was grand Wednesday morning, about 10 mins all told. This was at 6:30. Heathrow was grand coming back too, never seen it so quiet.


2:25 door to door. No major queues at security. Terminal 1 (the old one) is a bit of a kip.



Michael O’Leary should be running the country


You wouldn’t be too comfortable looking out the window at this hape of scrap hanging off the wing of the super jumbo that you’ve taken to L.A.




Was he wearing a blanket?


Must of had a shit attack


Has Folsom Blue been pulled from the Sha Tin Vase?



Some serious bingo wings on her.


I think I’ll give up flying Ryanair


I rarely fly with them, only cheapskate roasters fly with them now, it is not a pleasant experience, their wifi is rubbish too and far too expensive