Aviation Thread


Are they any closer to finding that missing Malaysia airlines plane that vanished a few years ago? I often think of it.


There was a thing on the radio the other day that some US firm have been appointed to find it on a no foal no fee basis. They have some brand new technology


There was a documentary on the discovery channel the other night.


you’d want your head examined to fly with this crowd


Note … the ceo of Malaysian Airlines has returned to Ireland to take up the chief operating role with Ryanair


Replacing the lad that couldn’t manage the excel with the holiday plans?


As long as he does not bring the bad luck with him, shares trading nicely this week after buying the dip.


A cautionary tale. Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public. I was flying to LHR this morning. I was at the back of the plane and last to get off. A lady in front of me went up to where her bag was and it wasn’t there. There was another bag quite like hers across from where her bag was. She got off the plane and to her credit went around the baggage hall looking at everyone’s carry on luggage. Given that we were last off the plane she looked to be on a fools errand. But she located the bag in the possession of a young lady outside the loo. There was a lot of sorry and I’d no idea and so on.

Keep an eye :eye: on your bags chaps. Also pay the fiver for priority so you can keep them near you.


It’s grand I carry my stuff around in a gear bag with a headband tied onto it. No confusing it.


I was flying into here years ago and some clown took my bag off the carousel. In fairness, his bag was identical to mine. Went to the lost luggage desk and they told me to take the other bag home with me. Then when your man realized he had the wrong bag and reported it he would be told to contact me to arrange the swop. It cost him a two hour drive the following day.


Funny enough I had a similar experience coming back from LBA there recently when collecting my case from the carousel. As it has one pink wheel and one blue one, it’s usually very distinctive. This time, as I spotted it coming round the corner, some fella hops up and grabs it before I get to it. At that instant, an identical case is dumped onto the conveyer belt and we both hesitate - me as I’m about to stop him, and him as he’s about to make his exit. Upshot was he’d grabbed my case, but I learned two valuable lessons: (1) always check the tag even if you think your case is unique, and (2) it’s hard to make a mundane story about picking up a suitcase interesting.


that never happened


It did but I kind of lost the will to live half way through writing it.


I feel your pain brah.






that drives me ape, nothing says roaster more than those tied onto a suitcase in a airport


I agree with you.
I use this



2 dead in Belfast air disaster


Two aer Lingus flights this week. The first was 50 minutes late leaving Dublin due an unspecified cargo issue. Now sitting on the return flight, already 40 mins late because they couldn’t close the cargo hold door. We’ve missed our slot and could potentially be here another hour.