Aviation Thread


yes mate, in the busy seasons delays happen


Its unacceptable.
The Ryanair flights all managed to take off on time.


You deserve better than this.


yes, maybe the ones that they didn’t cancel took off on time


We are taking on extra fuel and going to take an alternative route home, which might allow us get an earlier departure slot.


Hmm. Sounds like the opening scenes of an aviation disaster movie. Stay safe buddy.


You are being kept well informed which is all that can be asked.

They grossly overestimated flight times so you won’t be as delayed as you think.

Thank your stars you don’t have a connecting flight to make. That is the real hassle of delays.


In the history of commercial aviation there has never been an incident where a crisis has happened which required a passenger to land a plane



Anyone have any idea what would be a good course to take to get into aircraft leasing or advice in general?

I heard Nordic Aviation Capital are moving into hanging gardens.


I trust treaty and Sandra Bullock to land the plane .




We’re you ever sitting on a plane watching them put the fuel in and wonder…what if there’s nothing going through that pipe and what if the young inexperienced, fatigued pilots got distracted and forgot to note the fuel load before push back? Be some pain in the hole to realise she ran out of fuel at 33000 feet over llandudno


They’d glide her in.



Wouldn’t be the first time


Or Bruce Willis.




Imagine being stuck with a shower of plagues on a stag for four extra days?


These chaps must be as thick as ditches.