Aviation Thread


Dcu have a degree course for it. You might be able to pick one up through the Springboard program too and get it paid for.


Sound, UL have one too costs something like 6k for the year. Unfortunately I don’t got that cash!

Tried that springboard, told me i didn’t qualify even though I have a business degree and worked in a bank for 4 years.



I had a cancelled flight at weekend for technical reasons. Hydraulic leak in undercarriage which required a hotel stay etc - Aer Lingus covered it but it was a 24 hour delay. I expect I will be batted back in my compo claim. Any tips from the aviation experts in Fingal.


Fly with someone else next time.


Cathay Specific


Can’t pal. Concierge status is there for the taking.

I’ve submitted my claim and am confident of a fair hearing.


Don’t mind Balbec. You’d make a great concierge mate, keep chasing that dream.


He could be a stewardess one day.


That’s quite misogynistic.


sure what would you expect from a prowler but misogyny?





You tried to get a refund on the wife?


aren’t you married to a tipp woman?


Delays longer than 3 hours entitle you to a refund. EU Regs. Surprisingly enough Ryanair make it easy to claim and respond within 7 days I think. Aer lingus take up to 60. I’ll dig it out and send on.


Cheers. I have claimed before from BA who paid out really quickly and AL who denied the claim.

They have a section on website now to allow a claim so we shall see.



Don’t ye have PA’s to do things like this for ye?