Aviation Thread


A few days ago another Indian tried to open the back door of the plane midflight after apparently mistaking it for the toilet door.


Indian are fucking savages cc @KinvarasPassion


A job offer crossed my desk recently but it meant managing these cunts. I’d have no patience for that in the prime of my middle age.


That’s a pity mate, I’d say you could have made a right go of the local Indian



A Tippman was a major cause of that.
Wouldn’t you know it.




Wouldn’t you wonder why someone would be in such a panic to make a flight to Amsterdam


A 23-year-old man has appeared in court charged with criminal damage to a door lock at Dublin Airport.

Patrick Kehoe, of Raheenaskeagh, Oulart, Gorey in Co Wexford, was charged with damaging a magnetic door at Gate 106 at the airport.

He was granted bail and will appear again at Dublin District Court on 8 November.


Oulart the bollock.



Does he pronounce it Keyhoe or Keogh?


surely oulart the buttocks


Oh I would yea.She’s Hoop to boot.


oh for fuck sake, this stupid thick paddy mick bastard has made the news here on the mainland, yet again I am made to feel embarrassed in front of my British friends as they laugh at another thick oaf from spudland


They are not your friends pal. They tolerate you to your face but they hate you and mock and laugh at you behind your back. You are a necessity to gather their rubbish and they will dispense with you shortly when they are done with you. Save up your shillings now like a good lad.


They take him round to their parties, like some dressed up monkey in a cage.


I’m led to believe there is no need to dress him up.


RE: the chap chasing the plane down the runway:

"Mr Kehoe, of Raheenaskeagh, Gorey in County Wexford, was brought before Dublin’s district court later on Thursday morning.

There were no objections to bail, and Mr Kehoe was released on his own bond of €200 (£178). He is to appear again on 8 November.

Mr Kehoe covered his face with a folder and shouted abuse at waiting journalists as he left the court, before swinging his suitcase at the crowd and lowering his trousers to expose his backside.

Isn’t @Fitzy from gorey?