Aviation Thread


But the craft ipa seeps through the facade


How fucking dare you.
@Mac is though.


no, hes from bunclody, carlow :smiley:


He’s from Carlow cc @GeoffreyBoycott


haha ffs. Why would he bother? That sort of behaviour is reserved for the hard criminals.

Does he think this is the crime of the century? Looks a tit.


Gorey would be the district town, but the chap is from Oulart. Oulart that being the club of Liam Dunne/Martin Storey/Rory/Mick Jacob/Keith Rossiter etc


@Fitzy is from Carlow


I believe @Fitzy is a yallabellie



No he’s one of those cocks from Carlow


Pretend Wexicans.



Must be a cousin of @codegreen


We’re all cousins here cuz



the 20:25 from Gatwick to Shannon has gone ,missing


This it?


EI387 from Heathrow diverted to Dublin at 21:00, jesus I’d go insane if I was on that one


oh thank God for that, I heard it went down in the Irish sea


How long before some genius make the did they try turning it off and turning it on again quip


one for the blue rinse brigade