Aviation Thread


There’s a "technical issue"in Shannon


Did the lad in charge of the radar in shannon try sticking his thumb up his hole I wonder ?

@mac will be raging he didn’t get that one down


It’s technically in clare


It’s just a blip


That’s the “technical issue”


I’d say we’re back in action, a plane just flew over the house.


Ya just hear him there very loud


Get under the bed. They are flying around blind.


It was very fuckin loud anyways, I’d say your right and he was just chancing his arm by staying below the cloud cover.


I was on to the lad in the tower in Shannon he doesn’t seem to know what’s going on


Trying to land by sight. Make sure you turn the yard lights off


Tells me Windsor flight 114 coming in from London, says ‘the fuel tank is as dry as a martini’, seems to be somthing wrong with the altitude by glancing at that?


And there’s another one.





I wonder was it the Russians or the Koreans who hacked the system.



The silence from the so called Aviation experts in Fingal is deafening


Happy to report that this has come to a successful conclusion and as European Union Regulation EC261/2004 is applicable a payment of €400 has been made to me in addition to certain out of pocket expenses.