Aviation Thread


They can’t take off or land a plane until the culprit flying it remotely is found. Unreal stuff.


Is the drone still there?


Apparently, yes


Wouldn’t take much to shut down the World these days


Would they not shoot it down or something or send another drone up to battle it


They can’t shoot it down apparently because that would be dangerous and presumably would require too many forms. The second option sounds entertaining and could possibly be worked into a TV series presented by Jeremy Clarkson.


This is very embarrassing for the English, very embarrassing indeed. It’s like something you’d expect to see happen above Shannon but not in a proper country like England.


holy shit

I thought theyd bounce off a wing, boy was I wrong


I presume as soon as the drone runs out of battery life and is grounded that the old bill will be able to trace it back to the owner via a serial number etc? What are the chances this is a college student or students having a laugh drinking a few cans and watching this develop on TV?


I can’t believe they don’t have some sort of drone that can just go up and take the other one out .


They need an auld drone banger going off every minute to scare them away.


Be the hokey


Are they constantly sending up new drones or what? Drone battery would last max 30 mins


Could they not have blamed ITglitch. Now they have seen this lacuna a few lads could shut down UK airspace with 2000 pounds.


Justin Burtenshaw, Gatwick airport’s policing commander who is in charge of trying to catch the operator or operators of the drones, told the BBC: “Each time we believe we get close to the operator, the drone disappears. When we look to reopen the airfield, the drone reappears, so I’m absolutely convinced it is a deliberate act to disrupt Gatwick airport.


What kind of a Mickey Mouse country is England at all at all?




Inside job. Well planned by a disgruntled baggage handler.


Amateur hour over on the mainland


The Dutch have already this figured out