Aviation Thread


The Engerlanders are a very simple bunch cc @Tassotti


he’ll reply as soon as his plane lands :smiley:


We urgently need to re-examine the notion of Britain controlling it’s own borders.


They need a teleporter.

A teleporter is a heavy construction machine also used in agricultural settings, and could be described as a cross between a forklift and a JCB.


The tans :rofl:


You’d nearly feel sorry for the Brits at this stage
The whole world (even Mick the Muldoon) is sniggering at them


Is @Tassotti still coming home for Christmas?


Why don’t they use snipers to shoot them down? The lads that can take a Taliban chap out from two mikes away?


Why don’t they swallow their pride and enlist one-shot paddy


Was thinking that




Ah lads is this seriously still going on? What kind of shamateur organisation is running Gatwick.


They’ve followed my advice and they’ve sent the snipers in now.


I’m suspecting this drone story was just a smoke screen/cover up to take attention away from a bigger issue at the airport
*no proof at all

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Send in some funny stories there and see if ye can get featured on Sky News :slight_smile:


My sources indicate this is a Sinn Fein/IRA operation


And it’s up like a bird and it’s over the airport


Incoming planes being diverted to Amsterdam and Paris. That’s handy.


It’s all very strange. What’s your man’s motive that’s doing this?


shits and giggles?