Aviation Thread


Heathrow is down now. We are under attack. Britain is under attack.


This is caranage. People are getting killed here.


Little Johnny is great with the Drone.


2 fatalities in Gatwick


Someone else has jumped off a railway bridge in Clapham junction


A 73 year old man has died of a heart attack in Gatwick.


Computer system down


Crush scenes in t5.


Should we sent the FCA over to the mainland to help?


Anyone here own a drone?

Its generally loners and perverts who iv ever heard owning one of these things.
Youud see a lot of eastern European meatheads testing out their new toys and crash landing them on beeches.


I’ve two of them. Just in case one gets hit by a 737


Is there a lot of them in the north of Oireland?

North of Oireland iis heavy with peeping Tom’s


Well keep your blinds down then



They still haven’t taken down the drones or found out (seemingly) who is behind this. Gatwick airport closed for the foreseeable future and at the very least until 8pm tomorrow evening. All sounds very odd, I mean if they catch your man during the night then why have they closed the airport until 8pm at least? The army have been called in to the airport too.


They should seek help from Europe


Beginning to sound very very dodgy. Why these extended periods of closure after the supposed sightings of the drone?


Are they particular about the type of tree they crash into? Would an oul’ oak or ash not do?


It’s probably only a flock of fat seagulls fluttering about. Not a proper country any longer.
Expect " bata agus bothair " for the transport Secretary tomorrow. Useless cunts.


Even if they wanted to have another referendum it’s probably beyond them to organise one