Aviation Thread


It’s a false flag. The question is who is obstructing them and what are their demands? Is it the Russians, the Saudis, the aliens or someone else I wonder.


Surely the drone has to land somewhere to recharge? Do they not just follow that when it does that?

This is humiliating for a nation that already isn’t having a great year.


That’s what I was thinking. Very odd. But I think they’re setting off new drones. But surely they could have people dotted everywhere watching the sky nearby for where a new drone rises up out of.


Could they not put up a drone to follow the drone?


The Israelis would have this sorted out long ago.


This is just bizarre. Is there not some way they can track signals to the drone? If British TV drama is to be believed, most policing is done in front of a screen and they can track anyone anywhere at any time through phone data.


Here’s hoping some red headed Mick did the damage here :grinning:


The country that thinks it’s going to be a global world trade power can’t get a drone out of the sky


The brexiteers want to send up a few spitfires to shoot down the drones. Unfortunately for them the rest of the world has progressed since the 1940s


The arms race has been won by some kid with his birthday present



Air traffic control are too busy to help


This man is needed to sort it out!




Will they call on the yanks to bail them out lime they always do?


The poms are gas, they get themselves in a right kerfuffle at times



The drone is back. Flights suspended. What kind of a Mickey mouse place is it at all at all?


One piece of equipment believed to have been deployed at the airport is the Israeli-developed Drone Dome system, which can detect drones using radar.

It can also jam communications between the drone and its operator, enabling authorities to take control of and land the drone.

Sussex Police Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry said less sophisticated options are also available, including shotguns, although blasting drones out of the sky was one of the least effective tactics.



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