Aviation Thread


The brits can’t get sent home with their tae in a mug


The drone was down for a few hours. Your man must have needed a bit of kip before he restarted.


I wonder when he’ll finish up for the Christmas


Popped home to watch Countdown.

Can’t be missing that.


It’s not too bad. At least he’s working remotely


Ah this is fuckin gas altogether, Tommy Tan can’t get his little Daily Mail head around this drone. You must be absolutely mortified @Tassotti


He went home to recharge his batteries


This is the start of the complete destruction of England, roaming gangs will be running the country soon
Mad to think these boyos had an empire once


Britannia rules the … well not the airways anyway.



The United Kingdom has been brought to it’s knees by some lad on a bike.




Proper order. Aer lingus could do with enforcing a similar policy