Bad athletes promoting good stuff

Gerry Flannery endorsing USN protein.

Paul O Connell endorsing milk.

Andy Murray has all kinds of tennis deals with the likes of head and Fred Pery.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic - Nike , amongst a host of others

What kind of message are we sending kids here? That substandard is ok as long as it pays? Is this what we want our kids aspiring to be?

Discuss please…

Milk is great. Just great.

Paul O’Connell is a good guy but he made an error in endorsing 26 county milk imo.

I must admit Ulster milk has never done it for me, seems lacking in something. I much prefer free state milk.

What about milk from Monaghan?

I trust nothing from Monaghan. Stony grey soil me hole.

Milk in general is actually very bad for you. Propaganda by the government to keep the dairy industry going ,is what has led to all these ads.

Them bones, them bones, need calcium!

A pint of milk helps your bones!

[quote=“Mr. Totti, post: 671895”]

Them bones, them bones, need calcium![/quote]

Yup they sure do. Did you know though that milk actually depletes the calcium in your bones?

Cian Effin Healy and Berocca


They lied to us in song…I hate it when they do that.

The reoccurring theme in this fledgling thread seems to be that Rugby footballers are terrible athletes yet their middle class playground makes them acceptable faces for marketing.

That and …