Bad Time Garda

No idea what this video is of because can’t see it in work but apparently it is being discussed on Joe Duffy at the moment.

I was goint to post this myself earlier but never got around to it. It is utterly despicable behaviour. My hatred for these fuckos, in general, cannot be put into words. >:)

What’s the video of Flano?

While we’re at it - what’s this one?

The first on is of a Garda on a phone call ripping the piss out of a guy who is obviously a bit slow, the second one is of a bogmonster garda having a go of a bogmosters horse and cart :-

Can’t remember if I posted this before:

is this a new regular slot on the forum…“Today on the Joe Duffy Show”

That’s a great idea, we could even supply a live stream for the show as well :slight_smile:

what prats in that first video.

Mr. Cambell!

It’s been said on here before but all manner of lunatics are getting accepted in the Gardai lately. I personally know of 3 headcases who are currently in Templemore.

When I think about the first video again, I’d say that Mr. Campbell, oops, I mean Brendan Campbell must always be ringing up, I get the feeling like he is well known in that station.

I’m sure he is a bit nuts but that’s exactly why it’s not right to take the piss out of him.

Listened to the start of Ray D’Arcy this morning and he was saying:

  • the clip is clearly edited because the sound and pictures are out of synch
  • you never know when mobile phones are around and that poor Garda obviously didn’t

Complete horseshit really.

All videos on youtube lose the concistency between sound and pictures. It may be edited slightly (I don’t know) but the lip-synch discrepancy isn’t evidence of that.

Secondly the Garda should not be doing that in the station whether there’s somebody recording it or not. Also it’s obvious he knew he was being filmed. He was playing up to the camera.

“the clip is clearly edited because the sound and pictures are out of synch” -

There was no editing in evidence on the clip on youtube. For the duration of the clip it is a contionuous stream of video, synchronistaion is always a problem with any video clips if you dont know what you’re doing. I am doubtful that the guy who actually converted the clip and uploaded it is a multimedia genius

Agreed Flano - it looks like it came straight from a phone and was uploaded straight away.