Calling TFK’ers who bake, sign in here.

Signing in, although only in the winter

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :ronnyroar:

I am going to start learning to Bake, it is supposed to be an extremely relaxing & therapeutic pastime.

signing in

when i was a vegan i baked some very creative dishes

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:bread: :doughnut: :cookie: :cake:

Please log some recipes. :ronnyroar:

Signing in. I’m all set to attempt a blackberry tart tomorrow.
Blackberries sorted and it’s pretty much all systems go. More to follow.

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I’ve been known to bake a loaf of brown bread and the odd rhubarb crumble

I’ve thrown together the odd few types of desserts. Here are some cashew butter brownies I made:

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Prefer to bake pies. Duck and mushroom pie is fantastic


Signing in. I bake blaas and focaccia - both pretty easy but fairly tasty.

Looks like something you’d see under a microscope

I suppose I should have included a fork or something in the photo, for context.

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Throw up some recipes there, pal.

Or a sliced piece. Next time, ted.

Throw up a mon duck pie recipe please, art. I’ll have a cut of this seen as the nights are closing in.

Non duck

Three egg whites and some tuna to duck pie. There’s just no hope for you.

I did a bit of baking myself there last Sunday during the match Harry, took a Goodfellas pizza out of the fridge, fucked the box in the bin and baked it for about 25 mins, gas mark 5 if I remember correctly. Therapeutic is not the word.


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Signing in, I do a cake of brown bread every so often. Also do my own Pizza bases

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