Bandage, a portly Wexican, is a founding member and administrator of TFK and sole adjudicator on the Celeb Spotting Thread following a poll run by Tipptops in November of 09.

Bandage finished second to [wiki]The Puke[/wiki] in September’s [wiki]IOTM[/wiki] (Idiot of the Month) contest.

Well regarded as a technological whizz kid who managed to fix Rockos broken MP3 player.

Bandage also managed to get lodged between seats at the wedding of forum member [wiki]Appendage[/wiki].

Bandage also made a mess of creating farmerinthecity’s wiki profile but subsquently deleted the thread before anyone could comment on it.

A former Man City fan, Bandage claims to be a die hard Celtic fan but in all his years following Celtic he has never seen them play an SPL game that wasnt a Rangers game

Bandage can usually be found slurping drinks outside the womens jacks in Coppers with fellow forum members cesc4 and Jugs

[wiki]Bandage’s sister[/wiki] is also commonly referred to on the forum for the following reasons; she has smaller breasts than Bandage, she is fit and gamey and she stalks forum dish farmerinthecity.
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Bandage is also a spoofer when it comes to hurling and he displayed his ignorance on this matter by maintaining that Tom Feeney was a far superior full back/hurler that the legendary Clare full back Brian Lohan

Bandage has a freakishly small penis and smells of wet cabbage dipped in urine

When Bandage was confronted by Shan, Flano and Ball Ox during Wrestlemania weekend he bottled it by leaving the restaurant that both parties were dining at. His failed slit the throat reference didnt go unnoticed by Ball Ox.

Bandage is an internet lightweight and tends to be made a fool of regularly by internet mastermind KIB.

Bandage claims to have more in common with Scots/North Brits than Irish people that he has grown up with all his life.
Having said all that, as soon as Rory McElroy said he will play for the brits in 2016 Olympics Bandage went completely Farmer on him.

Bandage is a seriously delusional individual but inoffensive at the same time so noone really pays much heed to him anymore.

Bandage made the shortlist for the inaugural [wiki]TFK[/wiki] [wiki]POTY[/wiki] Award.

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@Bandage - have you and the various other stakeholders put any thought into cleaning the forum up in 2019?

It’s completely stale and all/any discussion is shut down promptly by the same few people repeating the same tired unfunny shite … I suppose the real problem is people replying to them and giving them air — but a number of the better posters have gone and are going and all we seem to have left is O’Ireland this, Spuds and KoKs that, and plenty of casual racism and sexism to fill the rest of the void.

I’ll use this space to implore other forumites to ignore the lads who are bringing down threads and repeating the same dross every where —

@Rocko, will any amount of money lend to getting an ignore function back?


p.s - come back @Tank


+1, I’m sick of one particular poster here having clips off me. Fuck you @fitzy.


Make TFK Great Again.




The first step in change is acknowledging your own role in things


More than happy to do so … you’ll have noticed i’ve more or less stopped in recent months.


There’s always a lull from the end of November to the resumption of the NHL and the NFL (the proper one).

Just grin and bear it for the next few weeks and then before you know it the championship will be upon us and this place will be a hive of activity again.


Everybody should resign and re register with new names and avatars.

A clean slate.


Nah — it’s been going on for a year now … we had to take it offline ourselves last August as we knew it would be countless posts on the same tripe over and over again.

Kev knew.
Ambrose knew.
Gman Knew

and countless others…


@Robert_Emmet is a big loss.


You’d miss @bean too.


Shut her down for one week. Let everyone ate real food, talk to real people, walk real dogs, read rral newspapers etc.
It could be a real game changer, with improved unrale mental clarity etc.


The Nogra have nearly all gone too …


Press the reset button on the matrix.

‘‘Tis time.


If people had to use their real names it might encourage a bit more responsibility when posting. Anonymity breeds bad behaviour.


no backseat modding please


But they haven’t gone away, you know…


some people just grow and move on, nothing lasts forever