Lads were firing off shots left right and centre. I remember Dunph used to love getting a faceful.


some lads on here want to be loved by the way they post, it is very weird


Sure tis mad. lads going on about being admired posters or that they’ve got certain badges. fucking weirdos is right pal.


they try to express themselves through a post and seek validation, it is like a prison if you think about it deeply as the @TheUlteriorMotive said , its like the mafia, aswell, you can never really get out of, I was telling a friend of mine in the pub about kev leaving at Christmas, and the way it has badly affected the forum, he couldn’t get his head around what I was talking about


My life partner was in touch with the Castle Oaks House Hotel ahead of our imminent stay and was told that they’re in the process of an ownership change and the pool and leisure centre closed last week until further notice.

Think we’ll use the free cancellation option as the pool was the main selling point given our boy is an avid swimmer.

They mentioned something about being able to avail of the pool / leisure centre in their sister hotel in Castletroy, but I don’t know if this is linked to the sellers or buyers of Castle Oaks.

It’s a dilly of a pickle really. We just want to visit friends in the beautiful LIMERICK JUNCTION / OOLA region but relax in a quiet hotel with pool and reasonable facilities and food. We thought near to Limerick city would be handy for a potential trip in too.

Is the hotel in Castletroy worth moving to? Another other family friendly options with pool just outside the city?

cc @ciarancareyshurlingarmy, @TreatyStones, @backinatracksuit.


Ballykisteen. You would be staying in a hotel IN Limerick Junction, mind.


Pat McDonagh bought that so I assume you are referring to the Castletroy Park.

Not too far outside the city. Maybe 10 minute drive. Close to UL if you fancy a walk around there.

Apart from that I don’t think I’m qualified to give advice on family friendly hotels…


I can say for near certainty that I’m related to your friends in the Limerick Junction/Oola area.
cc @Smark


the woodlands has a toddler pool and nice leisure facilities. Adare is about 20 minutes outside the City. Nice grounds.


Would a walk round UL be much a selling point do you reckon?


Dunraven have a pool too ? — Is Adare to Oola awkward for OOTs?


Not remotely. Motorway in from Adare and then the Waterford N24 road takes you to Oola.


Yeah true - but you’ve to go back to City to head out to Oola? - still not bad I suppose.


about half an hour. You don’t have to go into the City with the new roads. Back as far as Killonan Cross and then out out the Tipperary road


A lovely trip to West Limerick for @Bandage and family.


Ah you’re not really going into town. Bout 30-35 minutes I’d say.


a cursory look at google says the dunraven arms has a pool. I’ve never stayed there. I’ve stayed at the woodfield with my toddler and the leisure facilities are top notch


Unfortunately your pool options in Tipperary will be extremely limited due to Tipperary peoples natural aversion to water.

Ballykisteen is a grand hotel in Limerick Junction but doesn’t have a pool. Glen of Aherlow is in a lovely location the other side of Tipp town but again no pool.


Ballykisteen has a pool


But it’s in Tipp.