Is there anything to be said for making tfk into some sort of quasi masonic lodge? Even if it just means wrapping sid in a mat and beating the lining out of him.
Maybe I’ve said too much


Lots of lads in agreement here but dont have the bravery to take the next step - they are frozen by their addiction to certainty — the greatest curse ever put on mankind - certainty.


Tyco Electronics Admin.


Minimum word count in a post would clear off a lot of the time wasters.
obviously it’s a forum/admin call but its my opinion that each post should contain at least three sentences maybe, now what’s that an average of 25-30 words?
You would clear off a lot of the painful spamming and the annoying multiple alias carry on.
Good quality prose makes for good reading and the admins have responded now by banning one of the better posters here so we are stuck with the other merchants plying their simple trade.
I like contribute no doubt but also enjoy- the art of the wordsmith is dead and some of the posting on here of late is a personification of that.


Mother of Jaysus.

To cut this short.
If you don’t like the cuisine, fuck off to another restaurant.


cc @Bandage

Hope you had a nice Christmas & the family are all well.


@Bandage fathered a child but orphaned a forum




It’s disgraceful carryon, the man running a House, parenting day & night, cooking his own meals while taking down decorations etc.
All of this while supporting a growing economy and holding down a full time job.

Then you have these fannies tagging him whinging about how they’d like the forum to operate from their Chocolate Armchairs.

Sickening shit.


they think they own the place, the sens of entitlement is off the charts @Bandage is doing a tremendous job here under savage pressure, I’d happily pay a 100 pound one off joining fee


I don’t know how he does it.


And not a word out of him, no whinging etc as he just gets the fuck on with things.


See ya.




Yeah looks obviously for gambling or the racing threads where lads are giving tips or selections it wouldnt apply


c’mere as a point of order , the blackgaurding of you before Christmas after a poor man passed away was fucking disgraceful - and all so a few fuckers could score a few points
we dont all live in each others pockets and have an encyclopedic knowledge of everyone and it was a mistake that you made and i or many other could have if we didnt get a heads up via PM or otherwise after the reality of the situation,
the posts directed towards you afterwards were out of order and disgusting
that’s all


Come back @chocolatemice


If there is hope, it lies with the proles


Hes’s dead. RIP.


when we were all younger, we took challenges and risks with out thinking of the consequences, what changed as we grew older?