Getting the bad gateway in the Limerick Culture Thread @Bandage

Castle Oaks is a lovely spot with excellent food and bedrooms.

Not quite sure about leisure facilities and it’s 6 or 7 miles out of town in Castleconnell.


Me too, here’s my reply

It’s a good spin from UL, the bones of 15 minutes in a car, 20 from Limerick city without traffic.
It’s bogstandard, popular for weddings, does have a pool and leisure centre though, it’d be a grand spot with the baby though there isn’t much to do in Castleconnell, I say go for it with the voucher in mind.


CastleConnell is 10 minutes from town with a straight run. 5 max from UL


15 mins from UL :rollseyes:


I don’t feel like arguing the toss on this but I’ve a feeling your watch runs very very slowly


You’d be in Limerick Junction in 15 mins from Limerick City you numpty.


You’d be lucky to be in Castletroy most afternoons.




When does the Voucher expire?



It pains me to say it but go elsewhere. Cadtleconnel is an awful shit hole


I was at a wedding there 30 years ago pal. I don’t remember much about it. @Bandage


Great post @Rocko


Thank you for the advice, lads.

We don’t mind Castleconnell being remote. We’ll drive to visit folk and to areas where it might be nice for a stroll.

We’d make good use of the pool as I’m getting on very well in Aquababies and my son enjoys it too.

Also happy to generally hang out in comfy armchairs ating scones so I think this place might suit.


What age is the boy?


6 (six) months.


Kick kick kick, kick kick kick


I’ve done the hotel stay with a child slightly older than that & it’s just not worth it IMO.
They’re used to their routine at home plus staying in a nice hotel with all the spa’s & pools etc isn’t worth a fuck if you’ve to dispatch to the room at 8pm imo.

Each to their own but I’d always do the Stay away with herself now while leaving the offspring with someone else.


He’s talking about a Select Hotel in Castleconnell, not Adare Manor


This man knows what he’s talking about

Albeit first child, so always hard to simply drop and go too.


I know that but it’s irrelevant really, you’re still heading off to the room to bed the child.
You could day trip to see friends.