If you get a quiet bar in a hotel you’ll often get a child happy to sleep in the bassinet / buggy though. You don’t always have to head to the room at their bedtime


Ah come off it.


I don’t mind taking a bottle of wine up to the room so I can lie on the bed and browse TFK.


Fixed that there for you now


First child Fran, it’s a rite of passage.


basically the internet nazis on here are forcing the forum in this direction:

  1. the giving out of likes and faux condoleces for those who have family or friends stricken with cancer,
  2. the documentation of suicide in ireland- again likes and condoleces given ad infinitum
  3. weak and harmless GAA and / or horse racing discussion with very poorly written posts

now i have no issues with items 1 or 2 and they are most worthwhile topics ( even if i do not contribute myself for various reasons), i understand lads reasons for posting and only good can come from the discussion i am sure. fair play to all involved BTW

However - this is the way it has gone - lads are afraid to take risks now as you say or even have a bit of craic as it seems a large percentage of the forum are transcending their E relationships into real life and are actually offline friends . or at least they think they are anyway
people are scared shit of consequences also- fuck it we had murderous fun on here 2009-2011. me , you, puke, kev, runt. , tipptops, sledgehammer , @Bandage and that post he had that he deleted about incarcerating young offenders with convicted Paedophiles so as to scare them, he took it down tho - the famous gay sportspeople thread, the threats of violence, lads sending letters to my parents, kev getting calls , letters in the echo, Kevs truck getted robbed, heady days
ah its all gone now, you say a fella is gay you can end up in court, people just take life too seriously now,
we didnt you see - jacob rhys mogg was right , this generation actually think twitter matters, and they personalise it- its the same here now today- its not fun

also the standard of posting has dropped - dunph, tassotti, HBV were men for yarns, artisans of the internet - all we have now are one line warriors, much to the detriment of our fine forum


Some of the greatest posts in the history of the INTERNET have been one liners.

It’s the way ya tell 'em.


True that


i apologise for omitting yourself BTW
yes, you are correct and you certainly have that- its been beaten out of us tho, flogged to death we are


i mean @Sidney where is the internet going?
you had a smashing post one day that stuck with me for a while as to how it will all end on here, it was along the lines of all that will remain of the forum will be @glasagusban all on his own in a room typing frenetically replying to himself in his own safe space…
can you dig it out?


The risk was always that TFK would become a reflection of broader society, as if we need more social media reflections of society.

Sadly that day is upon us.


I have no recollection of such a post and I’d never throw my good friend @glasagusban under a bus in such a manner.

Please provide certain keywords or tags which would make the search for such a post easier.


are you back in the UK pal?
their must be a fierce sense of lonliness the first week back after Christmas id say,
would you drink thru it?


ive been looking for it, it was c.2016 from what i remember


Enjoy the break @Bandage, who the fuck leaves a six month old with relatives :confused:


Not South Circular Road Superdad anyway.


You’ll never understand




You wouldn’t have done it to Bobby ffs


Loads of people do ffs