Who the fuck brings a 6 month old to a Hotel?


Hotels should be for, eating, drinking & riding. Preferably in that order. In fact, it’s very wrong ever changing Nappies in a hotel room you’ve paid for purposely.




Fuck it if I had the chance, I’d leave the wife at home as well as the six month old


Plenty do.


The same people that go jogging with a buggy?


Mise freisin


the likes of the McCanns


I’d imagine there’s some degree of overlap alright


Not a hotel bud. If it were, it wouldn’t have happened.


you vile cunt
withdraw that comment


you need break as well FFS and you have to adapt
we took an 18 (eighteen) month old , to the Lough Allen Hotel cc @Bandage
shur once you get the thing to sleep you can drink, smoke, ride , watch MOTD away to your hearts content
fucking grand


I’m off the booze old pal. I’ve had to make a few lifestyle adjustments. I agree with you about the way the place is going. It’s a reflection of society today in general. I don’t have the desire to sit down and craft a really good post at the moment


try a fucking neighbour even, jesus christ
you do what you have to do


i know the feeling
you really want to reply with a proper post and you just dont have it, the dignified thing then is to just let it pass
The banning of two sound posters recently has rattled me to my core to be honest, i told the wife about it there earlier, about fellas i knew from the internet - she asked me was i taking drugs, thats the response you get in our house, fucking hell- is it any wonder we’re on the internet , if there’s no internet i dont know what’s left, a void ? an abyss of sorts, we’ll sit here on the couch staring in silence at the wall,
Full of thoughts but have a complete inability to articulate them in any medium, then you go mad


How in the name of jaysus was this cunt on Room to Improve not nominating for Cunt of The Year 2018?

cc @Bandage


If I couldn’t login to TFK I’d be smoking Herb full time and out of employment.


id be in prison


Thanks God responding is working on this thread so we can comment anyway.

Any good Open Farms Up your way? Must take the young one off for a spin some Saturday. She’s not impressed with the attention to new addition is getting.
Tbh, she’s still my favorite so I want to impress her.


this is very important and good for quality
i have x2 boys - it is cold @carryharry for open farms at the moment i must say

  • Lullymore forest park in Bog of Allen south kildare is very good, lovely open farm, beautful countryside, an ould choo choo train and indoor play area if it goes tits up - unreal
  • clonfert pet farm in maynooth is a grand old spot but a bit smelly and can be cold

near me

  • newgrange open farm is excellent
  • ok Tayto Park which has it all is closed- keep that for a warmer day - she’ll love it
  • if fellas have young boys the irish military war museum between slane and drogheda is some day out - its unreal in there , guns uniforms, tanks and a load of bouncy castle out the back - a savage day ouit

too far for you - 45 min from my house

  • Slieve Gullion forest park in armagh - an absolutely beautiful place