fair enough man


Cheers for that mate, she loves long spins in the car. Unusual feature as I hated car journeys as a child. Terrible travel sickness issues.


This is a prison. We look over the walls at the lads who escaped and wonder if we will too.

It’s become trench warfare on here so any view from certain posters is negated and other posters views confirmed no matter what they are.

I’d scrap the like button for a while if that was possible, to see if that changed interactions and made things less cliquey. The like button drives lads to post stuff to an audience for approval rather than what they really think. You’d have a better debate and interaction without it.

Ultimately the place will fold in on itself as nobody new is posting. A best new members competition might bring some lurkers out of the shadows.


Can you enlighten me as to what that reply was to?


@mickee321 post about being in prison and his one above it

I deleted earlier post as I posted it prematurely


@glenshane and @blackspot are great new posters
i never got the like function tbh, you find yourself clicking it tho, you fall in , like a robot- i wouldnt say its a gamechanger really ,
you can never really leave the forum tho, lads try, i’ve tried , you cant do it, it gets into your head , its a fucking illness lads, you’re there in the shower and you are thinking about an idea for a post or how a thread will play out, you get distracted when you’re getting the kids to bed because there is an INTERNET battle and you are missing out… its a disease lads


It’s simply a modern day reason to stay at home in reality. Back in the day men like us were in the boozers 5 nights a week.


has anyone here done time i wonder?
i know kev had a stint in gaol in the US for violating some immigration thing and then he was deported
i think he’s the only one


I’ve never done time, but I’ve had a gun pointed at me twice. I get the chills when I think back on either occasion, not as much as when I think back on the one time when I’m fairly sure I was being eyed up for a fairly standard building site hit. They probably decided i was too young and far too pretty.


You must have asked for it.


The battles have become, as I said, trench warfare and boring for the most part. You can nearly tell who will line up on each side to the man and then the pedants arrive and somebody is accused of misogyny or racism.

I think lads like kev left and never came back. I took a break last year.

Other lads could do with a break. It’s not healthy to step out of real life and throw verbals at lads all night.

Constant Double/second screening on the couch is a curse and I think is a big reason for the whole “anxiety” culture that prevails today.


I was 18, a bit of a mouth on one or two occasions, and the tightest man on the crew - but I’d say being a taig and heading to university was enough.


Have your dopamine levels reached a pleasant equilibrium with that post?

Mmmm…that’s it…nice dopamine.


You should take another break, pal. You are over thinking the Internet.


I sincerely hope you learned your lesson.


I don’t know really


I’m going to end the double screening anyway.


I didn’t realise the obvious until much later, by then I’d taken to dandering round Belfast at whatever time of the morning after whatever badness I’d been party to. I’d say my stupidity was mistaken for confidence.


Good point, but ive deliberately not given it a like. Humans are wired for the dopamine hit of attention through alerts and the little soothe of a few likes. The old rating system was better, youd posit an opinion half out of boredom and come back to see it had aaccrued four dumb ratings, two from posters you considered somewhat reasonable. Would really give you pause for thought. The like just creates a vortex of positive affirmation, and is too snowflakish for this forum.

The other antidote is the ignore function, some interesting debates are destroyed by forty unoriginal back and forths based on some ancient and equally dull falling out. Plus the needier posters would temper their input out of fear of being as ignored online as they are off it.

Two small steps