Dumb rating was a game changer, it drove lads demented.


I read a thing on the psychology of online approval and like-whoring. Apparently it’s not seeing the like you’ve received that gives you the dopamine high, it’s the split second of anticipation between getting the notification and the actual realisation of whatever the new interaction is.


Yer man from that something or other moose cafe did a decent video bit on the unhealthy perversity of it. But I suspect he just did it for likes.
That said i think tfk has a disproportionately high number of posters who aren’t afraid to be confrontational, unpopular, offensive and unlikeable - by accident or design.
I’ve made a new year’s resolution to be less liked. I believe it’s possible.


So the notice of attention or interaction gives the hit? regardless if it’s positive or negative?


Seems very reasonable to me. Sure a teacher pal of mine went to Australia for a month a couple of summers ago with his missus and 6-month old, yet certain TFK posters are baulking at the prospect of taking a baby down the N7.


Is the boy in his own room yet?


You’ve a wean and a woman too look after. No-one knows better than you what needs to be done.
Not even me


You’ll be delighted to know you are savage close to finnegans there @bandage. Grand hotel, think someone new bought it recently with the promise of throwing a few bob into it. It could do with it tbh but it’s not a kip or anything. Just old. You can rent an apartment style thing there rather than a room and they are more modern if you’d prefer that and it’s in a beautiful setting on the river Shannon. Not much going on in the town beside it, though there’s a couple of nice pubs that’d be ok on a weekend. No major distance from Limerick city so it’s not an issue really, assuming herself can drive (I presume you’re still a useless bastard). Limerick city, killaloe, adare are all within 20 or so mins and plenty more to do just beyond that.

Plus think of the handy likes you’ll get off us limerick lads with every update


If @Bandage had his breakfast in Finnegans I’d loose my shit


My first child was born in ashkelon.
Lads here would have the kids taken off me when we came over to see the grandparents


Supermacs Pat


I’m giving that a like.


If you diverted a small amount of the money you spend on personal towards buying nappies for yourself, you could at least manage that unfortunate situation.


You’d get from Nenagh to Finnegans (cc @Tassotti) in 15 minutes handy


how many forumittes have pulled off the much sought after double? @Smark and myself I think are the only ones

breakfast in Finnegans and breakfast in Scottys, a very unique achievement



If you decide to go on this trip to Limerick are you planning on having sex with your partner in the room while the boy sleeps?

cc @Bandage


Let me guess, you were beamed up.


thats disgusting


Surely ingesting large quantities of green tea extract will do that anyways?


Building site crew?

Must have been a Derry crew all right if the tightest “man” on it was a soft 18 yr old summering before uni.