Bayern backers assemble here


Signing in, lets bring it home lads!

May the best team win, now that world football’s cancer have been disposed of football can be the only real winner.

Signing in.


Signing in

I’m torn between my love of Germany and my loyalty to Dortmund. I think I’ll support the Bavarians though. Either way I’ll be supporting the Catholic side in the final.

Ah lovely!

:clap: :lol:

Signing in.

Signing in.

JA :clap:

Hopefully this will put an end to all this nauseating barcelona and madrid bullshit.

:lol: :lol:

spanish football is muck

+1. Fuck Spain.

[font=lucida sans unicode][size=6]UBER ALLES[/size][/font] :lol:

Signing in, fuck Chelsea!

Very emotional after tonight fuck messi and ronaldo we have Schweiny as our heartbeat.

Good to see that we have plenty of supporters already signed up from last year