Beefy/ Chubby Inter-county Managers Thread

It’s tough at the top…

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Any relation @bandage?

Has @Bandage got Tipp blood in him?

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He has actually dropped a show of weight.

Is he paying Kev?

No idea but he has slimmed since taking this job. Which bucks the trend completely on that front.

He was gandy enough was he?

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Paying you I meant.

No. He has all the advise and experts he needs in fairness. Serious management team.

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While we are on inter-county managers, I am reading the Keith Duggan book on Jim Guinness. Did Jim have a day job in 2011 & 2012?


thanks. It certainly reads that way.

Are former inter-county managers eligible for this thread?

Why not?

New Limerick ladies football manager