Best album this year

What is it?

By that I mean released this year and not something from yore.

Thing is I?m not sure if I can think of anything that good from this year. Maybe I?ve not been buying enough.

I am not a huge fan of modern day music at all. I have heard bits from bands but havent been sufficiently bitten by anyone to go out and buy the album. Apart from Arcade Fire of course which, for me, is the most impressive album so far this century…

“Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” is one that springs to mind straight away.

Arcade Fire

The Eraser by Thom Yorke, cos i love him, but not in a gay way!

For me Radiohead is all about Jonny Greenwood.

Yorke is an idiot but he is allowed to be because his band are amazing

Not like the big imposter that is Chris Martin…

Fair point re Greenwood. Yorkes antics are a bit embarrassing, not as bad as Bono ‘I must save the world’, but still bad.

Thom’s lyrics and voice are brilliant,imo.

Not been bitten by The Arctic Monkeys hype at all. That said I?ve only listened to the album once.

Arcade Fire is from Feb 2005 and I haven?t bought a Radiohead/Thom Yorke offering since OK Computer.

I?ve been mostly listening to stuff from last year and 2004 and then further back again; Interpol, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party, Sufjan Stevens etc.

Anyone know anything about Broken Social Scene? Watched their set at Electric Picnic and was well impressed. Similarly, The Kooks at Reading ? don?t have any of their albums though.

Two Gallants - What the Toll Tells would be my choice. Bandage bought it on my recommendation but the silence from him since has been deafening so I guess it’s not his cup of tea.

For me Radiohead began with OK Computer and more specifically with Paranoid Android
I know I’ll be shot down but I dont rate The Bends as a great album that everyone else does.

The stuff that they have done post OK has been superb on the whole and has set them apart from the mediocrity. Kid A is wonderfully strange, the first half of Amnesiac is flawless, particularly the incredible Pyramid Song and There There blew the world away when it came out.

Bit of a generalisation, There There didn’t blow me away.

Well what are we looking at this year?

Not Alt-J.

Damien Dempsey - Almighty Love

The purpose of an album is to listen to it, not look at it.


Good one, pal.

  1. Damien Dempsey - Almighty Love.
  2. Alt-J - An Awesome Wave.
  3. The xx - Coexist.

You disgust me.

I haven’t really listened to a pile of new music this year but some I enjoyed-
Cloud Nothings- Attack On Memory. A good little rock album with tones of 90’s grunge in there…
The Chromatics- Kill For Love.
Burial- Kindred.
Grizzly Bear- Shields

Guilty pleasure value goes to Honey Claws - Money Jaws.

Snobbery by The Music Snobs

No one would have heard of these though.

I heard of them years before you did and they’ll become shite when everyone else likes them as well.