Best of luck SRFC

i assume some of you will be embarrassed to wish Rovers good luck tonight on an open forum so feel free to PM me,Shan or Josepi with yoyur good wishes

Nah thumbs up, I support Irish sides in action. :thumbsup:

Gwan ta fuck Rovers.

Best of luck Rovers.

I genuinely hope the revenue gained from the extortionate ticket prices is put to good use.

I hope Fintan Drury’s green amd white army do well…

The home support give their pre-match predictions…

I couldnt give a shit one way or the other,this is a nothing event.Best of luck to all ROvers fans on here though,i hope you travel to and from the game safely…

Any word on the Madrid team??


Mbb how many posts do you have on TLL thread?

Its a friendly exhibition so good luck to both sides, all supporters, referee, linesmen, ballboys and PR people.

Who knows, if Sham Rovers manage to win, someone might write a play about it.

Alone in Stands
Viva La Green Hoops Brigada
Needles and Wins
The Night the Standard Improved

You’d hope it doesn’t end up similar to this anyway: :smiley:

Villarreal hit 27 past regional side in friendly

MADRID, July 20 (Reuters) - Villarreal hit 27 goals past regional Spanish side Navata in a friendly on Sunday, with forward Jonathan Pereira netting seven and Joseba Llorente and Marco Ruben scoring four each.
Former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires scored twice, and coach Ernesto Valverde played a different 11 in each half, the club said on their website (

Viva Gary Twigg. Hear Rovers sing. Viva Gary Twigg.

good stuff,a double figures thrashing is possible here tonight, cmon Ronaldo ta fuck…

Why would I count them?