Best site for discounted hotel rooms

whats the best site for getting quality hotels at the best price

are they all much of a muchness?

Looking for a place in Cork in April?

ten dollar a night hotel


New Ross Hotels

lovely pic of ncc & mrs mail order on their frontpage






What a useless shower.

They’re pretty much all the same from my experience of using them NCC.

tyr this you cheap fuck

What hotel was this in Flano?

Mention it in the Name and Shame thread. I personally wouldn’t stay in any hotel that doesn’t have a power shower.

Christ, I feel like I’ve just bitten into a lemon. can be decent.
Often do 3 nights for price of 2 etc.

I usually use or trip advisor. If I find somewhere I like I head to the hotel’s website and the rates are often lower cos they have special offers etc. Although I would have thought that price would be no object for the King of the Dutch bet.

I use NCC, I don’t know is it the best place but I’ve always been happy enough with it.


I second this, best site going for hotels in my limited experience

Lock this thread cos you won’t find better.